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Masters Life Top 5: best places for celebrations
Masters Life

Whether your weekend consists of a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Augusta National, a long stint in front of the television, or sporadic tournament check-ins for a nice conversation piece, here are a few things that might help you in your journey through Masters week.

Home of the Roars (Places on the course where the most celebrations occur)

5. The 2nd hole green. The par 5 is a player’s best chance at an early-round birdie, and if the player can fly the fairway bunker off of the tee, the second shot can offer a dramatic shot into the green.

4. The 12th hole. Rae’s Creek and swirling winds, players say the par 3 is a birdie hole some days and a let-me-escape hole on others.

3. The 13th hole approach. The club is looking into making this hole more difficult for a reason. Players have a chance at eagle, and most every player attacks the green with his second shot.

2. The 18th hole green. This is nothing but stating the obvious. The pressure, and perhaps the tournament, boils over and culminates Sunday afternoon at this difficult green.

1. The 16th hole. Stands and hillsides of people surround this historic par 3. If the pin is nestled on the left side of the green, player will aim right and let the ball roll toward the pin (and the water).