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Where trust lies
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God has blessed America greatly. The United States has been pulled, pushed, pressed, stretched and tested from the beginning but has remained together and strong thus far.

We have faced opposition from all sides, and have endured bloody confliction from within.

We have watched the rise and fall of leadership and we have seen the change of seasons.

Challenge is no stranger to this nation, nor is freedom to its people.

In our freedom comes endless opportunity for growth, change and stability. Yet in our freedom also comes the essence of choice, responsibility and reason.

Our ability to choose our leader has divided our nation. We are split down the middle.

Just as easily as the election has done so, it needs to be mended together in the same manner. Though we have been separated by choice, let us be unified through responsibility and reason.

It is okay to disagree with the outcome. It is natural to be concerned about the moral code and principles of our nation’s leader but it’s not good to express rebellion against this nation that gave us the freedom of choice, responsibility and reason. We need to embrace these rights and liberties by under-girding responsibility and reason none-the-less, lest these rights and liberties be taken away.

In regards to the rapid change our nation is experiencing, we the people need to remind the government of what this nation was founded upon. If there is no foundation, a house crumbles. A foundation controls what is built upon itself. So, what will stop America from making the wrong decisions through change if America doesn’t stick to its foundation, the Constitution?

We still have freedom, but it is being quenched the more we continue. Our government is restraining the ability of the people to share faith in Jesus Christ, all the while violating our rights as a people.

Just as God gives us the freedom to choose to love him, so we as believers are compelled to give people a choice to follow after Christ. America in its founding also gave us this same choice. However, as time goes on, these endeavors are misinterpreted, thus the powers of darkness are acting against the name of Jesus Christ, and America is acting against its own principles.

We must act with the responsibility of a citizen, and within good reason, we must strive on to bring this nation together. This too is our right, to strive for unity. It is not out of God’s will for any leader to rise. Romans 13:1 tells us He places our leaders with His sovereignty.

If we are faithful to God, He will produce the fruit of the Holy Spirit in us which is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. If we abide by these characteristics of God, this will indeed be our greatest weapon to withstand the powers of darkness, so that this nation will know who Jesus Christ, the Holy Son of God is.

This generation is watching its elders. The students are observing parents, leaders, teachers, preachers and all of the adults in their lives to see the reaction. How are you dealing with the outcome of the election? Are you fretting over the uncertainty that remains in office? Are you anxious about the undergoing changes that may occur? Are you worried about the stability of our nation in years to come?

Our president does not define our country, we the people do.

Our president does not make the team, we the people do.

Our president is the face, we are the body.

Our president has the same over-ruling Master that we the people have.

We are all subject to the submission of our God. We will all submit, sooner or later. (Romans 14:11)

God does not pick favorites but is listening for anyone who may turn to Him.

God loves His people. He knows where His children are, and who they are.

As our up and coming generation watches us, they see where our trust lies. If we get shaken up about things in our world and nation, we may indicate that we do not trust our Lord like we need to.

Let us show everyone where our help comes from, the Maker of Heaven and Earth, the One who is truly in control, the one who not only watches the nations, but also watches you.

Stay encouraged, and God bless. Isaac Redman is a 22-year-old youth pastor at Pleasant Grove Church. He is a servant of Christ and loves music and the outdoors