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Even the stones will cry out
Pocket Devotional
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Clouds of smoky dust unrolled as trucks entered the lot. While I walked toward my destination, I noticed the adjacent cemetery. Quiet, except for the occasional bird, I became increasingly aware of the noise that my feet were generating. Crunching, wobbling and moving forward through the newly poured gravel, I stopped to look at one of the stones.

Nothing remarkably unique. I wondered how this small, powerless piece of earth could have been part of such a commotion. And then it hit me.

The noise was a result of my movement through the rock. The acorn sized pebble could not create such sound by itself. This rock was limited in how it could be used.

When Jesus arrived in Jerusalem, he was followed by a joyful, noisy, crowd of disciples. Scripture says that they, "began to joyfully praise God in loud voices for all of the miracles that they had seen," (Luke 19: 38 NIV). I just love it when it says that, "some of the Pharisees in the crowd," told Jesus to correct his disciples. Actually, the word is rebuke.

Jesus responds with a clever response. He says that, "If they keep quiet, the stones will cry out," (Luke 19: 37-41 NIV).

Like a child aching to tell a secret, we find ourselves eager to share our faith. As children of God, we are created to be in communion with him. Our joy knows no bounds. Jesus’ love transcends all barriers, all despair and all pain. When we find ourselves in settings that try to silence God, we can recall that others have been unsuccessful. Just look at the rocks.

Prayer starter: Dear Lord, please prod us to remember that you are always at our side. Help us to try to spread your message, even if we are discouraged, judged or ridiculed. Help us boldly declare your life and love each day. Amen