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Marshalls Music Minute: Goodbye to The Minute
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Hello again, dear readers, and it's so good to be back with you again on the pages of The Covington News, this fine publication that strives to tell the story of our lives.

Well, the old saying goes that all good things must come to an end, and if "The Minute" were to have fit that description – and I get that there's an if there – then yes, in its current incarnation, we're puttin' a fork in it.

So, what is the why here? Why ask why? Hell, why not? I won't lie to you good folks, it's at least partially due to good, ole fashioned laziness. I'm reminded of the fable about the old lady who nurses the snake back to health. I am Marshall McCart, after all; you people know who you're dealing with.

Plus, it started to feel like work. The deadlines began to loom larger; various owners, managers AND musicians - and you know who you are - would make an art form out of not getting back to me, or they would, but four days after the deadline. Look, I get it. We're all busy. I basically work like 10 jobs and have about 227 irons in the fire, but folks are busy. I so get that.

But fear not, fearless readers, you'll still be seeing that possibly smarmy mug of mine on these pages, but it won't be called "Marshall's Music Minute" anymore. I don't know what we'll call it; hell, we may not call it anything. Music, though, will still be a key component, but it will be...just a little different. We're not going to necessarily try to cover everything. Y'all know how to get in touch with me to let me know about something. Smoke signals are preferable.

The End of an Era

As I write this piece Don Dimsdale, one of the best and one of my all-time favorite Newton County musicians, is preparing for the last show ever at the Dimsdale Music Barn on Hwy-81. Done in honor of the legacy of the late Silas & Mary Dimsdale, for more than 12 years now Mr. Don, Ms. Rita and the rest of those fine folks have created something pretty darn special, in this writer's estimation. And I'm sure many of you reading this would agree.

Of the 300 to 400 some-odd shows I've played in my life, I don't know if I can remember one more inspiring than the time The Biggers Family Band headlined the Friday night show down in Porterdale. And now with Gum Creek gone, and the Hwy-36 Music Barn no longer operating, a major piece of the musical tapestry that is Newton County is gone. But worry not, music lovers, though they are selling this property Mr. Don assures me that you'll likely see a new venue for this wonderful thing fairly soon. Maybe out in good ole Newborn. Look for a future dedicated write-up about the legacy of the Dimsdale Music Hall.

Thanks for reading, guys, and we'll see you right back here next week.