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Have You Ever Thought Where do I turn if I cant do it alone?
Stephens Wiley---WEB

The health condition of a loved one or yourself can present a variety of challenges.  How to provide the care that is needed can be a real challenge.  When one has a goal to stay at home if at all possible, where can you turn for the help you need.  Being able to stay in your home brings a great deal of comfort to many. But staying at home may only be possible with a “helping hand” to make the difference.

This can particularly be a challenge when family is not available to give all the help needed.   This may be because of distance or because of their personal schedule of work or other family demands.  The challenge is where you turn to seek the help you need.

Someone is ready to be discharged from the hospital but there is not the support at home that is needed, where does one turn to?  You may have thought your only choice might be to lose your independence and move into an assisted living situation.  You may find the support you need through a care plan for assistance where the care giver comes into the home to provide the care services needed.

Here in Covington, one agency that provides many of these services needed is “Right at Home.”  It is locally owned and operated.  The Directors are Mark Ross and Dr. Nicole Ross.  You can get more information by calling them at 678-712-6636 or a   Their office is located at 2131 Pace St. You can arrange for a free consolation in your home or hospital.

A plan can be worked out to meet the specific needs the client has.  The goal is to match the right care giver with each client.  Normally the same caregiver will stay with the client, but a change can be made if necessary. “Right at Home” takes care of the needed back ground checks and obtaining references as well as making sure the assigned care giver has the skill needed to match up with the needs of the client.  The Care Giver is bonded and insured for workman’s compensation.  

What brings you to the agency may be as simple as whether you are going home from outpatient surgery, the hospital or rehab and need a helping hand.  You can pre-arrange someone to get you home safely and comfortably.  They can help with such task as picking up prescriptions, shopping for groceries, preparing a home cooked meal and changing the bed linens.   These are things that family might do if they were available.  But “Right at Home” could be the bridge to you getting back home.

Of course in most cases, the need might extend beyond just that trip home.  The plan can be agreed upon that will make sure the needed services are provided for. The need may be for companionship and light homemaking. In addition, they can help with meal preparation and errands. The care plan may be to help with hygiene and physical assistance. It can also include help with feeding and dressing.

The service needed may be for a few hours each week to 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It might be for a short time for post-surgery and rehab care. Or it can deal with long term issues. The support needed may be with the early stages of Alzheimer’s or other Dementias. 

The need may be to give rest for the wife or husband caring for an ailing spouse. A few hours of relief on a regular basis could make all the difference in the world. Respite Care might be needed for the family to take a trip and to leave the one needing care in a safe and caring environment.    

Financial help may be available through some long term care policies. For Veterans there is also the possibility in some cases of financial support through the VA. “Right at Home” can help evaluate what help might be available for you, if any.

There are other agencies in our community that provide similar services.  You will need to find the one that you are comfortable working with.  For most of us, until we have reached the point we need someone to help, we may not be aware that such home care is a possibility.  When illness or the process of aging brings us a challenge, in-home care may be the answer we are looking for.