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Your weekend's a drag
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Who says your weekend always has to involve girly things in order to be fun? Not this girl here! If screeching wheels and excellent people-watching is your idea of a good time (and who doesn’t LOVE that idea?) then get ready for Friday Night Drags at Atlanta Motor Speedway. It’s street-style drag racing on an eighth-mile pit road, with about 225 racers and 90 cars. It’s like “The Fast and the Furious” in real life, and it’s super cheap to go out and get a little dirty, watching some crazy cats tempt fate on the racetrack. For all my lady readers, don’t think that just because racing isn’t your thing you won’t enjoy this. You don’t have to watch NASCAR in order to dig it, and if you have kids – especially boys – they are going to absolutely freak out over the craziness of drag racing. Step outside your box this weekend and remember the iconic words of Will Ferrell “if you’re not first, you’re last,” so get in line!

Price: $8

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