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Will smile for food
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I always thought I might enjoy swimming with sharks, but alas I am not Ocean Ramsey or the Crocodile Hunter. And while the massive Georgia Aquarium doesn’t offer the ability to swim with sharks for real (whale sharks don’t count), they do let you hang out with the dolphins, which is probably just as cool – or more so, considering dolphins are said to be friendly. These will totally be your friend, because in the brand new Dolphin Encounter program, you get to feed them, learn how to train them and pet them a little too. And while dolphins aren’t really my thing, they are pretty adorable. Think how many points you would score with your kid or girlfriend if you essentially gave them a dolphin for an hour! Plus, you get a free picture taken by the aquarium, and endless bragging rights. Keep checking back with the aquarium; because rumor has it they will have sea otter and penguin encounters available pretty soon as well!

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Price: $59.95 for non-members; $53.95 for annual pass members. This is in addition to regular admission to the aquarium.