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Spend Easter with the dinosaurs!
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Dinosaurs may technically be extinct, but Fernbank Museum makes it's own rules this weekend, with their annual Dinosaur Egg Hunt. And you can always visit the museum after you finish hunting for those coveted eggs. In it's fourth year, there are some tips for egg-hunters. The main one: get there on time - early if you can. It's a popular event and you have to pay or show your membership before you can line up, so don't be searching for a parking place while your kid misses out on the hunt. And after you're through, go into the museum. I know I mentioned it already, but you might be tempted to take your cranky kid home immediately after. Don't succumb.  They'll cheer right up when you walk inside - I promise. If I'm wrong, I'll buy you a chocolate bunny to make up for it. 

Visit their website here

Price: $5-$20.50