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Maseyree releases It Just Gets Better with Time, begins work on screenplay
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They are all back, and the drama continues. In this twisted tale, Andrea, Dorothy, Caroline, Sullivan, Monet and Punkin all have new issues with which they are each faced. Rather battling with bouts of love, death, infidelity, sex, domestic disturbances or unexpected pregnancies, this bunch incurs it all, and no subject is taboo.

Andrea is released from jail and is ready for her new start at life, and her second chance to be a mother to the child she abandoned at birth. Leaving behind the regretful days of her past, Andrea pushes forward. But, will she be able to refrain from her past after an ex-lover resurfaces in her life? Does he prove to be a friend or foe?

Dorothy and Sullivan continue to live happily, still, after nearly three years of marriage. Finding it hard to believe that love and life can be so good, Dorothy continues to appreciate her man. But then, a woman from his past resurfaces with plans to get him back.

Will this woman destroy the perfect relationship with Dorothy and her husband? Sometimes in life, we have to lose, in order to gain what the future holds for us.

This novel is filled with gripping emotion, witty humor and believable characters who will keep you wanting more. If you think “It Just Gets Better with Time” was packed with drama, “Only Time Will Tell” you how the madness ends. Get ready to be entertained.

About the author

Maseyree was born in East St. Louis, Ill., and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan. After graduating from Creston High School in 1992, Maseyree attended Excel Academies of Cosmetology, and worked as a licensed stylist.  In 1997 she moved to Georgia to pursue her career in writing. She attended The Art Institute of Atlanta where she earned a degree in Video Production in 2002. Upon graduation Maseyree received the Student Success Award for her outstanding achievements. To date, Maseyree has worked as a freelance writer for Black Confessions, True Confessions magazines and has written scripts for several commercials.

Maseyree currently resides in Covington with her husband. Her future goals are to write and direct a studio production film or play.