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Shot one month, arrested the next
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In December of 2014, a violent crime rang through Avery Street when Mario Smith was shot in the right elbow.

After the shooting Smith was identified as a drug suspect and the case went over to the Specialized Patrol Unit. Toward the end of December the unit conducted several drug buys, before doing a roundup of arrests in January.

Among those arrests was Smith, who was taken into custody on Jan. 29.

According to Lt. Al Miller CPD was receiving complaints about narcotics sales on Smith when the Specialized Patrol Unit was first started in April. The unit started making buys from him before he was shot.

“We believe that happened because he was selling drugs,” Lt. Miller said. “Somebody went and robbed him, which is very common in the drug world. It is always a matter of time that something bad will happen. It’s a dangerous game to be involved in.”

When Smith, just over a month from being shot, was arrested he pled guilty to all charges against him and was sentenced to 30 years, serving five in confinement.