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BOC talks Bear Creek, drug court, road work - April 16th, 2013
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A. Call to Order: Chairman Keith Ellis

B. Invocation: Rev. Ronny Brannen, Prospect United Methodist Church
C. Pledge of Allegiance

D. Items for Consideration:
General Administration:
a. Chairman’s Report
b. County Manager’s Report

E. Citizen Comments
Page Number
1-2 I. Approval of WS Minutes dated April 2, 2013
3-8 Approval of BOC Minutes dated April 2, 2013

II. Proposals, Contracts, Resolutions
Unfinished Business:
9-20 1. HVAC Contract

New Business:
21 1. Superior Court: Adult Felony Drug Court Grant

22 2. Proclamation: National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week

23 3. Resolution R041613 – Community Service Block Grant (CSBG)

24 4. Engineering: Approval to advertise for bids/Airport Road

25 5. Engineering: Approval to advertise for bids/Crowell Road &
Jack Neely Road

26 6. Sheriff’s Office: Approval to apply for SCAAP Grant

7. NCWSA: Refinancing two outstanding bond issues/Morgan Keegan

27-31 8. Development Services: Video Streaming/CGI Communications, Inc.

32-33 9. Development Services: Professional Services Agreement/The
Collaborative Firm, LLC

34-42 10. Sheriff’s Office: Declaration of Surplus Property

43-71 11. Resolution R041613a – GEFA Loan for Bear Creek Reservoir

7:30 PM
72-74 O-040213 – An Ordinance To Amend The Newton County Zoning Ordinance; To Repeal Conflicting Provisions; To Provide For An Effective Date; And For Further Purposes.

III. County Checks:
General Fund: 84497-84953
Special Revenue Fund: 1727
Drug Abuse Rehab: 1728
Juvenile Services: 2180-2183
E-911 Fund: 2502-2514
Grant Fund: 4125-4147
Fire Fund: 67853-67961
2005 SPLOST: 1166-1168
2011 SPLOST: 5362-5380
Water Fund: 13309-13330
Solid Waste: 7769-7787
Senior Services: 7626-7636
Gaither Plantation: 2679-2682

F. Commissioner’s Comments
G. Executive Session
H. Adjourn