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Simply American
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The majority of us have forgotten this. All you need to do to realize this is read any major news publication or subject yourself to the every-day droning of national and local news casts on television.

You must cut through the disinformation spewed by the media, and get past the punditry that assails us from every corner.

You must research the history of our great nation to reassert the values that are truly important to our United States. To study the history of our nation is to unlock the values and desires for true freedom that carried our Founding Fathers forward to conduct the greatest experiment in personal freedom and liberty in history.

You cannot dwell on the past mistakes our nation has committed, nor can you guarantee that misjudgments in policy will never occur in the future. To do so reveals ones desire to live in a Utopian society where people cease to be individuals or accept the responsibility of their actions.

Unfortunately we are suffering from a media malaise where we are constantly told how terrible the United States is, day after day, hour after hour. They have grown to be elitist snobs who have forgotten that the only reason they can spew their pompous venoms is by the grace of the spilled blood of true heroes, our fine men and women in our armed forces.

They forget that when tragedy strikes in the world, America is there first; delivering manpower, money, and technologies to quell the impact of these devastations. They forget that when despotic regimes have risen, America sacrifices her sons and daughters to overcome them, asking not for land, not for treasures, but simply for respect. They forget that the greatest beacon of liberty, hope, and freedom is, and always will be, these United States.

To study more about our great nation I recommend William Bennett's spectacular series, "America, The Last Best Hope".

I leave you,

Simply American