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Sigman throws in hat for City Council race
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Former Covington council member Bobby Sigman has announced that he will run for Councilman Mike Whatley's seat in the November municipal elections.

Sigman previously served on the city council from 1994 to 1998. After running and winning a second term on the council, Sigman left his seat to run for mayor in 1998 after Covington Mayor Allene Burton unexpectedly resigned at the end of 1997. Sigman lost the race for mayor to his fellow councilman Sam Ramsey who won 54 percent of the vote. Sigman ran unsuccessfully twice more against Ramsey for the post of mayor.

 Sigman said he was running for Whatley's seat because he feels he can be more productive on the council.

"I feel like I was very productive last time," Sigman said. "I just enjoyed it. So I'd like to go back and try it again."

 Sigman said his campaign platform would be the same as it was in previous races.

"I am a very conservative candidate," Sigman said. "I've always watched where the tax dollar was being spent and how it was being spent. I don't believe in high-top bureaucrats running the government."

Additionally Sigman said if elected he would be available 24-hours a day to listen to the concerns of citizens.

"I answer to the people and I've always represented the people," Sigman said.

Sigman previously represented Newton County in the Georgia General Assembly as a state representative from 1975-1977. A real-estate broker since 1970, he owns his own real-estate company, Sigman Land Investment Company.

Sigman and his wife Pamela have two children and two grandchildren.

Qualification for the nonpartisan municipal elections of Covington, Oxford, Porterdale and Mansfield begins Aug. 27 and ends Aug. 31.