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Retiree plans to spend time outdoors
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After more than 18 years of service to the City of Covington, Carlton Wilson finally has some time to relax.

Wilson, 62, began working for Covington in 1968 as a firefighter for the Covington Fire Department before leaving for a job with Hercules. He said he left the fire service as a full time job for the sake of his family.

But in 2002, after 22 years at Hercules, Wilson returned to Covington with a job for the City of Covington Maintenance Department.

"I was totally lost when I got back there," Wilson said.

The transition was particularly odd considering most of his coworkers were childhood friends of his sons.

"I coached some of them in Little League," Wilson said.

In his last job, Wilson has done everything from building construction to screwing in light bulbs.

"When you are in a public service job like that, you meet a lot interesting people," Wilson said.

Wilson turned 62 on Oct. 16, but waited to retire on Nov. 1. At least that was the plan. His last day was actually Oct. 31.

"It was hunting season, so I decided to take a vacation day," Wilson said.

As an avid hunter and fisher, Wilson has traveled all over Georgia and several other states for fun in the great outdoors. Wilson uses not only guns but also a bow and arrow and dogs to hunt.

"I've done them all," Wilson said.

In addition to deer and rabbit hunting, Wilson has also made the trek to Colorado to hunt bears. Wilson also enjoys camping and working in his yard.

"I feel like I've been inside all my life, so now it's time to be outside," Wilson said.

During his long career, Wilson has also held many odd jobs, including driving a school bus and some carpenter work.

"I've done a little bit of everything," Wilson said.

But now that Wilson is retired, he plans on focusing his attention on his family.

"My priority now is to spend as much time with my family as possible," Wilson said. "Now I'm going to spoil my grandkids even more than they already are."