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Pizza man robbed
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A pizza delivery man was robbed of $100 Saturday night by three black suspects who originally said they needed change from the purchase.

Pizza Inn employee Doug Buckner was attempting to make a delivery to 170 Willow Creek West but was unable to locate the address in the subdivision. While Buckner parked in a cul-de-sac, three black males reportedly approached his vehicle.

One man was wearing a black shirt and blue jeans while another was wearing a stripped shirt. Buckner did not see what the third man was wearing. Buckner asked if the men had ordered the pizza, and one of the men said they had, but they only had a $100 bill.

The delivery man reportedly told them he had $101 and he would be able to break the bill. So Buckner retrieved the money from his pouch and handed the money over to one of the men. The three men then ran away from Buckner and into the woods with the money.

Buckner returned to the Pizza Inn and advised the manager of the situation. The manager called 911.

The complaintant later told Newton County Sheriff's Deputy Patrick Gilbert he did not know any of the men.

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