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Pat yourselves on the back
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Dear editor: Like many, I have strong opinions on recent events in the news in our city. But, today, I urge all the people of Covington to pat yourselves on the back and take pride in your community. As one of thousands on the Square Friday night, I enjoyed a fabulous evening of community fellowship and great entertainment at the Ken Ford concert put on jointly by the Newton County Arts Association, Mainstreet Covington and Springfield Baptist Church.

The entire event was a showcase for what our community can and should be. We had a wonderfully diverse crowd gathered together on a perfect fall evening to listen to a great performance. Afterwards, many folks lingered well into the evening, all around the Square, even after the music ended. It was the kind of night so many of us would like to see as commonplace in the heart of our city.

To Buncie Hay Lanners, Josephine Kelly, Pastor Eric Lee, their staffs and all of the sponsors: Thank you for bringing us a fine evening.

To the people of Covington: Well done. Well done.