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Partygoers arrested on drug, alcohol charges
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After a small party in a garage apartment, three young men were arrested Tuesday on drug and alcohol charges.

Covington Police officers Brent Fuesting and Doug Allen responded to a call of drug usage on Middlebrooks Street. Dispatch advised the subjects were in the garage apartment to the right of the house smoking pot and funneling beer while underage.

Contact was reportedly made with the owner Ronald Knapp, who, when he came to the door, walked outside very quickly and closed the door. Knapp was informed of why the officers were there and was asked if he had been smoking marijuana and if there was anyone else inside.

The owner reportedly admitted there was a small amount of marijuana on a plate, in his living room. He also said there were other people inside.

Knapp and the officers entered the house and made contact with Zachary Stewart and Justin Nelms, who both reportedly admitted to consuming alcohol. The location of the marijuana was pointed out to the officers. Knapp told Allen two glass pipes were located in his bathroom hidden inside a wooden toilet paper stand.

Stewart and Nelms told the officers Knapp owned the marijuana, but they had all three been smoking the drug. Knapp corroborated their statements and also admitted to owning the glass pipes, which contained cocaine residue.

Stewart and Nelms were taken into custody for possession of marijuana less than one ounce and consumption of alcohol by a minor. Knapp was charged with possession of cocaine and possession of marijuana less than one ounce. All three suspects were transported to the Newton County Detention Center.