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Our thoughts: True colors
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 There is a lot of buzz going around that former Secretary of State Colin Powell is going to endorse Barack Obama in his run for president.

 That certainly is his choice and we are not surprised.

 Powell has long been a Republican, which is the choice of most officers in our military. But, he has shown his true liberal tendencies throughout his career.

 He was dovish and more than likely was instrumental in H.W. Bush's decision to stop short during the first Iraq conflict - when world opinion was on our side - and not finish the job at hand. This event set the United States up for the far worse conflict we are in the midst of now.

 As secretary of state, Powell found himself at odds with other members of the conservative Bush administration on many occasions, which is the main reason he resigned

 If he endorses Obama, then he finally will be showing his true liberal colors, and we are sure it will be relief for him to officially do so.