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We live in a society where every word you speak is open to personal and public scrutiny.

Absolutely no tolerance is given in the way of verbal mistakes by anyone, especially in the work place.

Another disturbing change in our new, perfect society is the rash of tell-all books that thoroughly ravish and trash private and public people alike. The blind charge of the main stream media to try to justify the contents of these books is discouraging.

The latest one of these tell all books, written by an obviously disgruntled former press secretary for the Bush administration, Scot T. McClellan, goes too far.

The trouble with people like McClellan, who write such books, is that there is no way there can be proof to back up what they are accusing their former bosses or employers of doing behind closed doors.

The sad part of all of this and something that authors who write these type of books know is the majority of people believe the first thing they read. No matter what is said later, they will never change their minds.

There have been many times that we have been privy and part of the behind-closed-doors conversations of former employers.

We would never even think of divulging those conversations that were shared with us in complete trust. We feel that way even though not all relationships with former employers were exactly rosy.

Remember this point you shouldn't believe everything you read in print or even see pictures of. Use your own best judgment. Be your own person.

We can only hope that the minority of people who we have allowed to control our society will someday let us go back to being the imperfect beings that we are.