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Open house vandalized
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A complainant called the Newton County Sheriff's Office after he discovered visitors to his open house had made a mess.

The man left the home on Channing Street unattended for an open house at 10 a.m. on Saturday and returned at approximately 9 p.m. to secure the home.

He noticed a piece of granite broken all over the floor, but did not go inside or call law enforcement until Sunday because it was too dark to see inside.

Deputy Marlon Pollard reported going through the front door and discovering black marks on the hardwood floor of the dining area. He also reported seeing the same black marks and large dents on the hardwood floor in the living room.

Pollard speculated the marks and dents occurred when someone slammed the piece of granite onto the floor, attempting to break it.

He also found tape on the wall and cuts in the sheetrock where the tape was cut with a razor blade. Pollard found the razor blade stuck in the wall in the hall to the laundry room, where there were also black marks on the base board.

The complainant also told Pollard someone had tampered with the intercom system.

To report information about the granite-smashing bandits, call the NCSO at (678) 625-1400.