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ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Erick Hunt on the issues
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Erick Hunt on the issues


Where the Republican candidate from Snellville stands:




Hunt said he would work for more incentives for employers to encourage more telecommuting and would actively promote those incentives at the state level as a means of easing the Atlanta area's traffic gridlock.


"Many people do not realize there are existing incentives of which they can take advantage," Hunt said.


Hunt said he also supports flex-commute times to reduce traffic and would promote the expansion of van and carpools and commuter bus options. He said he views the expansion of MARTA and light-rail as long-term options.


Subsidies for the development of alternative energies


"We need to make sure there are incentives for further development and utilization of alternative fuels and hold our energy providers accountable to that end.  A reliable energy base is a very broad and complicated issue but we cannot continue our dependence upon energy sources from organizations and countries that really hate us.  When you look at how Norway and other Scandanavian countries that have secured almost energy independence yet remained environmentally friendly you wonder, why we cannot do the same."


Improving education


Hunt said he would partner with educators to "untie the red tape that seems to bind teachers from doing what they are hired to do; including changing our schools from being giant babysitting services"



Georgia's shortage of trauma centers?


"Trauma centers are very expensive to operate but serve a vital service to the community. I would support more of them but the formula to determine where, when and the cost would have to be clearly justified."


Illegal Immigration


"Secure the borders immediately. We need to enforce the existing laws, including penalizing employers who employ immigrants who are here illegally. The people who disregard our laws and enter improperly need to be deported. We are entirely too lax in this regard."

State water resources


"We seem to waste our precious water resources. Excessive development and expansion only drain our water resources. With a comprehensive water resources plan that is inclusive of primarily conservation through public re-education, perhaps we can more effectively partner with Tennessee and Florida to ensure a more equitable sharing of resources."


Quotes compiled by Rachel Oswald.