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ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Candidate Rudy Cox on the issues
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Rudy Cox on the issues


Where the Democratic candidate from McDonough stands:




Cox said he would increase funding to the state's road system to relieve traffic.


 Subsidies for the development of alternative energies


"Alternative Energy is the way to go. We as a nation will need to decrease our dependence on oil from other nations. This dependence has made us a nation of consumers. We as a nation need to return to our roots of being productive and in the forefront of invention and product development," Cox said.


Improving education


Cox said he would work to increase state funding for education, remove high-stakes testing for students and provide more in-school resources and well-rounded curriculums. He says he would also like to see the hiring of more full-time teachers with a corresponding increase in teacher pay to draw the best educators to Georgia.




Cox said he would work to provide affordable health care to all citizens.


Illegal Immigration


"I believe that our borders should be protected and the current laws related to the issues enforced," Cox said.