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Nuclear electricity a good move
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Cleaner and more efficient energy options are a top priority for many all over the world. With a great deal of attention presently being given to climate change and global warming, any move to eliminate or reduce humans' carbon footprint should be commended and emulated.

The city of Covington was recently granted 26 MW of electricity from Plant Vogtle nuclear power plant for future electricity needs. The nuclear power will not be available until 2018 when two new units go online at Vogtle.

The energy comes at the monetary cost of $102.4 million. But with a growing population and an even greater need for electricity, the investment and cooperation with Georgia Power, who operates Vogtle, is more than justified.

Proactive steps in resolving a potential electricity need is beneficial to the environment as well as the customer base.

Coal-burning power plants have a much greater impact on the environment, on the whole, than do nuclear power plants. Greater production at a coal-burning plant means further depletion of a natural resource and more greenhouse emissions.