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Macabre news coverage
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Dear Editor: It never fails to astound me that even today there are those among us who are fascinated with the macabre. The people who took part in this re-enactment of the heinous murders will, in reality, do nothing to foster racial harmony in our area. The event, at best, will only serve to stroke the inflated egos of the self-absorbed. This group of galoots are bent on inflicting their version of the murders to suit their politically-correct mind set.

Ms. Wexler, in her anti-Southern diatribe "Fire in the Canebrake" exhibits what history is when it is written in "third person plural." That she has even given a verbal script to an event which has no witnesses should assign her book to low-grade pulp fiction. It's troubling to see these people cherry pick the facts of the murders to mislead the public.

I would hope that these people will someday be able to put their demons to rest. It would be nice if the good folks of Walton and Oconee counties were spared any further re-enactment tirades like this. Lastly, if The Covington News prints stories of this caliber, put it on page eight below the fold.

John L. Maxey