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Lord of the lake
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Calvin Miller knows all about getting up in the air, even without the use of a trampoline.

Miller, a 13-year-old resident of Covington, won the Georgia State Championship in wakeboarding and wake skating last weekend at Lake Lanier in Gainesville.

When asked how excited Miller was upon winning, Miller answered "I'm stoked!"

As a result, Miller will advance all the way to the U.S. Championships beginning October 10-14 in Zachary, La. He hopes to win first place honors during the special event.

"I'm going to go for first (place) by doing my hardest tricks," said Miller, "which are worth the most points, even if it means (falling) early in the runs and ending up in last place."

Miller has been wakeboarding for three years now, but this year marks his first competing. He practices at Lake Sinclair in Eatonton.

"I love doing the jumps and the inverts (flips)," said Miller. "It is the most fun I've ever had in a sport."

There is an actual wakeboarding league that has four events throughout the summer at Lake Lanier and Clarks Hill Lake in Augusta. Approximately 28 states are involved with the organization.

Riders, who accumulate points over the duration of the summer, get two runs during each event, with the best score used.

Wake skating is also part of the league. The tricks are similar to those of skateboarding, such as a "pop shove it."

There are multiple divisions in the league, from beginner to expert. Winners from each participating state earn the opportunity to go to the nationals.

Wakeboarding and wake skating are the types of sports showcased on ESPN X Games and Fuel TV, rather than the Olympics. However, that could possibly change in the future, as these extreme sports are becoming more and more increasingly popular.

Miller admits that the most difficult part about wakeboarding is in fact the inverts, particularly the first one.

"(That) and the toe-side tricks," said Miller. "Toe-side tricks are when you cut into the wake on your toes as opposed to being on your heels, which is a more natural feeling."