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Local woman allegedly assaulted at phone store
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An employee at the local Sprint Nextel Store was reportedly viciously attacked Wednesday by her unborn child's father.

According to the victim, her ex-boyfriend, Brandon Barnes, entered the Sprint Nextel Store, located on U.S. Highway 278, and demanded to know why she was breaking up with him. While the victim tried to answer, Barnes reportedly pushed her with both hands against the wall before using his right hand to grab her neck to choke her and slam her head into the wall.

Barnes then reportedly threw her down on the floor where he continued to choke her until the store's manager pulled him off.

After momentarily exiting the building, Barnes returned and reportedly and screamed, "Are you going to pay for these scratches on my shoes?"

Before she could reply, Barnes reportedly grabbed the victim's wallet which contained her driver's license, credit cards and social security card. Barnes then reportedly left in an older model station wagon.

When Covington Police officers arrived, they were able to see clearly bruises on the left side of the victim's face as well as a cut on her left elbow. Her story was corroborated by two other store employees.

 The victim, who is four months pregnant with Barnes' baby, was given a Newton County Domestic Violence pamphlet.

As of press time, Barnes has yet to be located.

Anyone with information about any of the case is asked to call the CPD at 770-786-7605. Tips can be given to the CPD anonymously by visiting their Web site at and clicking on "contact us" and then "secret witness."