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Land owners request city annexation
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On Monday night, a petition requesting the annexation of 214 acres was brought before the Covington City Council.

 Landowners, William Gainer, J.S. Gainer and Essie Greer have asked the city council to annex the land, making it part of the Covington city limits.

 The hopes for the future are to have industrial building soon take place after the land is re-zoned by the Development of Regional Impact..

 "The land right beside us is already annexed into the city," Gainer said in reference to SKC. "With the utilities being owned by the city and insurance rates, we felt the need to be a part of the city."

 The trio of land owners is awaiting a lengthy process before anything official can take place.

 "I am hoping that in four to six weeks we will have some type of answer," Gainer said.

 As the first form has been submitted to the Development of Regional Impact, the owners have to wait up to 30 days before a second form can be submitted.

 After receiving an answer from the DRI, the proposal will once again go in front of the city council.

 The 214 acre lot, located on Hazelbrand Road in front of Home Depot is divided into two sections.

 The north section of the lot backs up to the CSX transportation railroad and will allow space for industrial warehouses that need access to the railways.

 With a projected total of 14 industrial buildings being built, the owners hope the process will quickly take its shape.

 "I hope by the fall of 2008 all the steps will be completed," Gainer said. "We are unsure of what will be going in there right now, but we now it will be for industrial use."