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In opposition to recent column
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Dear Editor: I have been "wrestling" with Mr. Harwell's columns from time to time. I realize that his articles reflect his opinions, and they are thought provoking ones. But he also states disturbing "facts" to his readers that I question. I would be interested in knowing where the data was obtained that led Mr. Harwell to state in the Feb. 3 edition of The Covington News that, "The majority of people in this county who send their kids to public schools are renters, and the majority of those kids come from the lower segments of our society." Just what is the lower segment of our society?

Since Mr. Harwell's articles appear every week as part of The Covington News, both he and The Covington News share the responsibility for accurate and accountable information or is the purpose of the column to offend and disturb its readers with his opinions?