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Identity theft victim spends two days in jail
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A case of stolen identity led to two days in jail for one unfortunate victim.

According to a report by Newton County Sheriff's Deputy David Gilbert, on July 10, Howard E. Bunn was pulled over for a traffic stop in Bartow County. When the officers ran Bunn's name through the system, they came back with a warrant for deposit account fraud out of Newton County. Bunn was arrested and spent two days in jail until his wife posted the $450 bond in Newton County.

During his incarceration, Bunn repeatedly told officers the warrant was not for him. Bunn went to the NCSO to report his identity had been stolen.

According to the report, a bad check had been written in Bunn's name from H.B. Trucking at 3135 Ponderosa Drive. The check was written to Cody Kindle. Bunn also said an account at the Movie Gallery had been opened in his name and that there were late fees on the account.

Gilbert tried calling phone numbers on the checks, but neither number is connected. The name Cody Kindle does appear in the NCSO's eagle system, but as of the time the report was filled, Kindle had not been located. Gilbert reportedly went to 3135 Ponderosa Drive to look for the trucking company, but all he found was an empty house.

Bunn was advised to go to the Magistrate Court and talk to them about getting a refund for his bond money.