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Gun law is positive for residents
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Dear Editor: After reading your article of "Ready, Aim, Fire" and more specifically, your comment of "What was Sonny Perdue thinking when he signed this into law?", I felt that I had to respond. I understand that there are two sides to this question, but I feel that your article didn't fairly represent the side of those in favor of the bill. Please keep in mind that the new change affects law-abiding citizens. Yes, weapons will now be allowed on MARTA and other forms of public transportation. Yes, weapons will now be allowed in state parks. Yes, weapons will now be allowed in restaurants. However, they will be allowed by those who will be following the law, and who wish to only protect themselves, their loved ones and the general public. Here's the thing: Those with little or no regard to the law already were carrying weapons with them, as they pleased. The threat of danger and violence was already present. What the new law does is even the playing field, if you will. I feel that would-be criminals will now think twice about how "easy" a target (robbery, carjacking, etc) may be, because they never know who else may have a weapon. For example, any Covington resident who has lived here for the past few years, will remember the incident at McDonald's in May 2006. In that incident, a man intentionally drove his car into and over a mother and her two children, repeatedly. An innocent 2-year-old child lost her life in that brutal attack, and the survivors have physical and mental scars that they will carry for the rest of their lives. Police officers that I have spoken to have mentioned this horrific day, and that several people who witnessed the attack had one thought in common - "If I only had my gun with me." Could a patron with a concealed weapon have changed the end result that day? Could the life of a Two year old have been spared? Perhaps, perhaps not. We will never know, but I for one, feel that it is certainly a possibility. Covington certainly isn't the wild, wild West, nor do I want our society to reflect anything near that way of life. In fact, I would be in favor of adding a required 30- or 60-hour weapons training/safety course for anyone who wishes to obtain a concealed permit. After all, owning a weapon, and knowing how to correctly use one are two completely different things. I think the men and women of our city and county police departments are amazing, but even they cannot be everywhere at all times. Criminals know this and use it to their advantage. Gov. Perdue's courage to sign the new law helps Georgia's citizens to protect themselves. I hope that none of you reading this submission are ever placed into a situation where your life may be in jeopardy due to a criminal's disregard of the law and of your life. However, should you ever be, please keep in mind that it very well might be the customer at the next table or booth, and his or her concealed weapon, that has the means to protect you and your family.