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Green Bay not the only team in need of Favre
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When I heard a week ago that retired Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre asked for his unconditional release to enter the NFL free agent market, I was laughing so hard that I had a headache.

Last season, Favre enjoyed one of the best years of his career, passing for 4,155 yards and completing 66.7 percent of his passes. He also had a 95.7 passing rating and threw 28 touchdowns.

Alas, the Packers lost to the eventual Super Bowl Champion New York Giants during the NFC title game, 23-20.

In my heart, I knew Favre didn't want to leave football, especially after watching his emotional press conference, saying that "it was over and he gave everything he had to the Green Bay Packers."

But now he's back. Problem is, with what team? All we can do now is sit back and watch this roller coaster ride.

My question is why did the Packers keep him on the roster as a retired/inactive player, when apparently they didn't what him back in the first place?

Keeping Favre on their roster made me realize they are having a difficult time letting go of one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history.

After all, he could go anywhere once he is (or ever will be) officially released.

Food for thought: Are the Atlanta Falcons paying close attention to this?

What if Falcons' owner Arthur Blank, president Rich McKay and general manager Thomas Dimitroff managed to get Favre back to Atlanta?

Take a look at the benefits. Atlanta is in dire need of some veteran leadership from a guy like Favre, especially one who can guide rookie quarterback Matt Ryan, including backups Chris Redman and Joey Harrington.

The Falcons could certainly use something positive as they approach the season.

And Favre would return as the savior desperately needed to lead Atlanta out of the darkness of controversy and despise.

It's the least the Falcons could do since they made the mistake of trading Favre 17 years ago to Green Bay for a first-round running back who ended up a complete bust.

Other teams such as Washington, Minnesota, Chicago, Carolina, Kansas City and Tampa Bay could also benefit from acquiring Favre.

But hands down, Atlanta should throw its name into the hat.

Conventional wisdom says that the Falcons will not go after Favre, meaning he will return to Atlanta - for another team.

Nevertheless, I'm excited about him coming out of retirement. His return is a testimony to the heart and soul of a true warrior.

It has nothing to do with endorsements or finances; it's all about his love of the game, and not yet ready to call it quits.

Despite the drama between Favre and the Packers, No. 4 wants his freedom.

Bottom line is that Favre wants to be somewhere he is wanted, playing on his own terms. Green Bay fans shouldn't be disappointed in him at all - Favre did everything asked of him, and now wants to focus on the future.

Welcome back, Brett, wherever you choose to go.

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