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Global Warming concerns
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Dear Editor: "Noah is a delusional fool."

That's probably what the local officials said about Noah and is what John Linder's "don't worry; be happy" op-ed piece is saying about our current climate change.

An important fact your readers need to realize is that Linder's essay first appeared in the Rev. Sun Myung Moon's newspaper, The Washington Times, in February of 2007. This is the same Sun Myung Moon who has proclaimed that he is humanity's "Savior, Messiah and Returning Lord."

The author's introduction puts forth the message that "science" is untrustworthy and as evidence he uses the pseudo-science of Eugenics. Just who did the research that debunked Eugenics? Actual scientists, that's who did the real research.

So, what about CO2 levels? Mr. Linder correctly stated that 400,000 years ago, CO2's concentration was 280 ppm (parts per million). What he doesn't want you to know is that the level stayed more or less constant for about half a million years. Dr. Bill Chameides, regents professor at Georgia Institute of Technology, in response to Linder's article, pointed out that "pre-industrial CO2 concentration was 280 ppm, the same as it was 400,000 years ago. Twenty years ago, the CO2 concentration was 350 ppm. Today the concentration is 380 ppm. CO2 concentrations today are higher than they've been in at least the last 650,000 years."

The fact is that the sources of CO2 in the atmosphere have changed dramatically since about 1800 - the start of the Industrial Age. The CO2 from burning fossil fuels, rather than forest fires and other natural sources, has steadily increased. To be clear, this is the result of men and women using fossil fuels - coal and oil - as their energy sources.

Linder's message is "don't worry about it," but the message from hard scientific research is that the climate is changing more rapidly than ever in recorded or discovered history. At best, Mr. Linder is self-delusional, at worst he is actively working to insure that the generations to come will have to deal with a drastically changed earth.

The real question is do we "build an ark" by starting the repair process now, or do we ignore the warnings and hope to survive the flood?