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Flee in terror from the Lost County
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Newton County residents who want to scream their lungs out in a thrilling haunted house this October, but who also want their ticket proceeds to go to a good cause, should look no further than the Lost County Haunted House.

Members of Freemasons Pace Lodge 558 of Covington have organized the eerie abode inside and around the Ginnis Contracting Building on Ga. Highway 212.

Approximately 700 people have already gone through the house.

"It typically takes about 15 to 20 minutes to go through," said Brian Harvill, chair of the Masonic lodge's haunted house committee.

 Small groups of fright fans can enter the house together, where they will be greeted by "Ole' Smokey" - an unforgiving, mock electric chair.

"If you survive Ole' Smokey, you may see escaped convicts and then have to find your way through the maze," Harvill said

The haunted maze features evil clowns and a host of other maniacal characters.

"The maze is a pretty big hit," Harvill said. "A lot of people are liking that."

Harvill said whether children go into the house is up to their parent's discretion. He has seen grown men run screaming out of the house and elementary-school-aged children laughing and joking with the monsters.

"We've had about 15 people wet their pants," Harvill said.

However, all the terror raises money for the lodge's charitable efforts.

A large donation will go to Rockdale Cares - a volunteer organization providing advocacy, respite for families, an adult day care program, horticulture therapy, social and educational events and housing for the area's mentally disabled.

"It's really coming together," Harvill said, "and the surrounding communities' participation has been great."