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Filming underway in Covington
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Already home to dozens of feature films and television projects, Covington will once again play host today to a new feature-length thriller whose directors have family ties to the city.

Brothers Josh, 30, and Jeremiah Daws, 26, will be filming scenes from their new independent film "Dangerous Calling" on the Covington square this morning.

The plot of the film centers around the church politics of a new pastor and his wife who challenge a sweet widow's control of a small country church in the north Georgia mountains to which they have just been called.

"They kind of stand up to her a little bit, and things turn a little dicey," said Josh Daws

According to Josh the cast and crew would be filming a foot chase, a dialogue scene and a driving scene in the area around the square. Josh said he expected filming in Covington to conclude sometime in the afternoon today.

Filming for the 17 day shoot began last week in Ellijay. After filming concludes in Covington, cast and crew will head to the Rome/Armuchee area to film the movie's remaining scenes.

"Things have been going great," Josh said of filming so far. "We're pretty much on schedule."

The Daws brothers are the sons of Billy and Sheilah Daws who grew up in Covington. According to Josh he and his brother got the idea to use the Square in their film after they remembered driving around it on family trips to visit their grandparents who still live in the city. Josh remembers fondly stopping to watch scenes from "In the Heat of the Night" when it was filmed in Covington.

 "We've been making films since we were kids," Josh said. "We really got bitten by the bug."

While Jeremiah studied film at Georgia State, Josh studied computer science at Georgia Tech. By working with his brother so much, Josh said he feels like he's gone to film school by proxy.

This is the first feature length film of the Daws brothers.

"We've probably made over 20 short films over the years and thought it was time to kick it up and do our first feature," Daws said.

Josh said he and his brother drew on their experience as the sons of a pastor and growing up in the church world to write the script of "Dangerous Calling."

"Dangerous Calling" has a cast of five main actors according to Josh who are all local Atlanta actors, most of whom the Daws brothers have worked with before. All together Josh said he is working with a cast and crew of between 25 and 30 on any given day.

According to Josh filming today is not expected to interfere with traffic around the square.

After filming concludes later this month, Josh said there would likely be another week or two of pick up shots before he and his brother begin the arduous task of editing the film together.

"We're hoping to have a good cut done at the end of the year," Josh said. "We're going to be sending it to festivals. We've got a few contacts in Hollywood that are going to try and get it to distributors."

"Dangerous Calling" is being produced by Life is My Movie Entertainment Company.

At the 2005 Atlanta Faith in Film Festival, the Daws brothers won several awards including Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Script. Several of their short films can be viewed at