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Film crew to shoot in Newborn next week
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A movie crew will descend on Newborn next week to film scenes for an upcoming major theatrical release starring Luke Perry, Elaine Hendrix and country music star LeAnn Rimes called "Good Intentions."

Film Crews, with the southern-based production company Shadowlight Pictures, will be filming a supermarket scene at the D&R Food Center on Johnson Street and a car joyride scene on a quiet country road in Newborn on Aug. 9 and 10.

"Good Intentions" movie producer Richard Sampson described the film as an off-beat southern caper. The plot of the film revolves around the small-town schemes and struggles of young mother Etta Milford (Hendrix, "The Parent Trap") who is determined to save enough money for her two young sons to go to college one day.

However all of the family's money seems to end up wasted on crackpot schemes devised by Milford's hopeless husband Chester (Perry, "Beverly Hills, 90210"), a wannabe entrepreneur, leading Etta to decide to fund her sons' college educations by disguising herself and robbing Chester's bar at gunpoint.

A fan of "The Antiques Roadshow," Etta is convinced that she will make a fortune buying and selling antiques and so invests all of the bar's stolen money in antiques. However Etta is swindled when the antiques she purchases turn out to be fakes. Her family's savings gone, Etta concocts a wild scheme to get back the family's money and save the day.

While Rimes, who portrays Etta's younger sister, will not be filming any scenes in Newborn, Hendrix, Perry and co-star Jimmi Simpson ("Zodiac") will be in town for the filming according to Sampson.

Already three weeks into principal photography for the film, Sampson said the six-week shoot, which has been filmed in and around Metro Atlanta, is expected to finish Aug. 24 with the remaining scenes to be filmed in Rutledge.

"We wanted to shoot in Georgia, and it needs to be a small town feel and look and Newborn and Rutledge have that," said Sampson of the decision to film movie scenes in Newborn.

"Good Intentions" will mark the third time the D&R Food Center has served as a backdrop for film and television projects. According to store owner and manager Doug Echols, the D&R has previously been featured in an episode of "In the Heat of the Night" and in the 1998 film starring Patrick Swayze, "Black Dog."

Echols said his first thoughts when he was approached by a location scout for the film was to say no because the previous shoot for "Black Dog" was so hectic.

"But they seemed more organized," said Echols of Shadowlight Pictures. "I just decided I'd let them go ahead if they wanted to. It sounded like it would go smoothly."

Echols said the D&R Food Center would be closed for filming on Thursday, Aug. 9, but that the store would be open for customers in between filming Friday, Aug. 10.

"Good Intentions" marks the feature film debut of Shadowlight Pictures. The company is headed by producers Richard Sampson and Pamela Peacock. Hendrix is also co-producing the film. The film is directed by veteran commercial and industrials director Jim Issa. The script, written by Anthony Stephenson, was a top-50 Project Greenlight finalist. The movie also stars John Gries ("Napoleon Dynamite").