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Family violence incidents yield two arrests
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A 59-year-old Covington man was arrested Tuesday after throwing his sister into furniture and threatening to kill her with a large knife, according to a Covington Police Department public information log.

Cornelius Lindsey was arrested and charged with aggravated assault and terroristic threats and acts under the Family Violence Act.

According to a report prepared by Officer Justin Blankenship, Lindsey's sister told police she was in the dining room talking with Lindsey, who was in the kitchen with their mother preparing a salad, when he became angry and raised the knife over his head, saying "I'll kill you." She said he started running at her, but their mother grabbed the knife from his hands and threw it in the trash can.

Lindsey then allegedly ran towards his sister, picked her up and slammed her into the dining room table with such force it broke in half, their mother told police.

When Blankenship arrived at the residence shortly before 1 a.m., both women were outside the building. Lindsey, who reportedly emitted a strong odor of alcohol, cooperated while being handcuffed and told police his sister was getting on his nerves and to just take him to jail.

Lindsey previously served time for possession of cocaine, among other charges according to the Georgia Department of Corrections Web site, and is being held for probation at the Newton County Detention Center.

In another Newton County incidence of family aggression, Margaret Gilbert, 42, of Covington was arrested and charged with terroristic threats and obstruction of officers on Monday evening after she threatened her parents with a knife.

According to a Newton County Sheriff's Office incident report prepared by Deputy Christopher Allen, Gilbert's father said Gilbert went into a "violent rage" when her mother asked that their granddaughter's boyfriend not be allowed back in the house.

Gilbert allegedly put a black pocket knife in her mother's face, saying "I'll kill you."

When deputies asked Gilbert to give them the knife she had in her pocket, she reportedly told them "F--- you, you can ask me ten thousand times but you're not getting this knife." Gilbert eventually threw the knife on the ground after Deputy Danny Peppers said she would be sprayed with pepper spray if she did not relinquish it, and she was arrested without further incident.

Glibert's mother told police she was not in fear for her life and did not want to press charges. Deputy Allen explained the deputies were required to press charges under Georgia state statutes.