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Elderly targeted by scam
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An elderly resident got more than just steaks when some suspicious meat sellers came to her door in Newton County's third possible case of home invasion within a week.

On Monday afternoon, Feb. 11, two white men came to the victim's home in a white van trying to sell cuts of meat, according to a Newton County Sherriff's Office report.

When the 84-year-old victim opened the door, the two men came inside and began their sales pitch.

While they were talking, a female who had been waiting in the van came out and asked to use the bathroom.

The female associate took such a long time, according to the report, the victim became uncomfortable and agreed to buy the cheapest package of meat for about $30 to get them to leave.

When she made out the check, she was told "No one can read that writing. Just let me do it," by the older of the two men. She then signed a blank check that was filled out by the man for an amount that she couldn't see.

After the trio left, she called the bank to stop payment on the check, but it was too late.

The check had already been cashed for $300, the price of the most expensive package of meat, according to Lt. Keith Crum of the NCSO criminal investigation division.

"They scammed me out of some money," said the victim, noticeably upset.

Crum said the NCSO had received occasional calls from homeowners suspicious about the sales activities of legitimate companies selling meat door-to-door in the past. However the company represented by the two men was not one he was familiar with, and this was the first time he had heard of an incident like this.

No items were taken from the home and no property was damaged. The case is still under investigation, Crum said.