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Dynamite discovered in with scrap metal
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A local scrap metal yard got more bang for their buck than they expected on Monday.

Workers at LB Recycling in Covington discovered a box full of dynamite had been delivered with a load of scrap metal shortly before 3 p.m. Up to 10 emergency personnel from the Covington Police, Georgia Bureau of Investigation's Bomb Squad and the Covington Fire Department responded to the situation.

There seemed to be no criminal intent involved and no charges have been filed, according to the Covington Police Department.

The person who dropped off the scrap metal load had been cleaning out an old business yard in Madison, said CPD spokesperson Lt. Wendell Wagstaff.

"Whoever was cleaning it out probably didn't realize what was in the boxes," said Wagstaff.

The locked metal box had been unopened. According to Wagstaff the lock was etched with the words "Georgia Power." The box had been found in the business' yard with grass growing high around it.

The box contained one full case of dynamite with 28 blasting caps, according to CPD Detective Lt. Mark Jones.

The dynamite was taken into custody by the GBI after the bomb squad had destroyed the blasting caps, which act as triggers, on-site late Monday afternoon.

Because the four components of the explosives had been stored separately in the box, the material was not considered volatile and there was relatively little risk of the dynamite detonating because of a stray match or spark, said Jones.

"All those components have to be in place to have an explosion," said Jones.

If anyone comes across potential explosives or hazardous materials, they should call 911, recommended Wagstaff.

"It's always best to have someone else that has expertise in that area have a look at it before a person that doesn't have any knowledge rummages around," he said.