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Congressional comparisons
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Dear Editor: Ask Jim Marshall "Why?"

I'd like to do a comparison of the two gentlemen competing for the Georgia 8th District Congressional Seat.

 Jim Marshall has voted 14 times against or to block consideration for legislation that would open Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska, for drilling. He has also voted 10 times to block our nation from drilling off our coasts. We must begin here and now to change our dependency on foreign countries for oil. It will be a long process but we must start now to provide for generations to come.

 Jim Marshall missed 128 votes in Congress in comparison to other congressmen missing approximately 30. Are these not important issues? This is a full time job, right?

 Mr. Marshall voted for Mrs. Pelosi for Speaker of the House; both voted against who drilling in Alaska. I was a professional manager for approximately 10 years and I know a power mongering female leader when I see her. The shoe fits and the current majority party will not defy her.

 Mr. Marshall has taken his constituents for granted for too long. His congressional seat has become a recliner and it appears that although he is an elected official and receives full time pay, he only works part time. What message does that send our working class and next generation? Until now, he has felt no real threat of losing his seat. At this point, he is beginning to worry as the ground under him begins to shake. His constituents are losing faith in him because of his broken promises and complacency.

 On the other hand, Rick Goddard has virtually been "on call" 24/7 for over 40 years of his life. First with the Air Force and then as vice president of Mercer University. Check his absentee record for this period of time. I assure you he responded to every call and his work ethic is impeccable. Rick Goddard is a proven leader and will shake up the current complacency in our Congress. They will definitely know he as arrived. Rick does not pick and choose which are the best days to show or no show. He is not about "negative" campaigning but will defend his reputation.

 It's time to make our elected officials work for us - not the other way around!

Donna Hemphill