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CD player theft leads to fight, two arrests
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Two men were arrested and banned from the housing authority Thursday for disorderly conduct after a dispute over a stolen CD player.

Covington Police Officer J.W. Blankenship was dispatched to Nixon Circle in reference to two men fighting. While in route to the address, the officer was advised that there could be a person with a gun on scene in a white car.

As Blankenship approached, he reportedly saw a white car parked in the middle of Nixon Circle with a small group of people in a grassy area beside it. When the officer parked in front of the white car, the group split with some going for the car and others running towards the back of the neighborhood.

Jimmy Coley reportedly grabbed the shirt of Antony Young and began to argue as Blankenship exited his patrol car. The officer withdrew his service pistol and demanded everyone lay on the ground. Every person complied, but Coley and Young reportedly continued to argue.

After backup arrived, Blankenship put Coley in the rear of his patrol car and asked him about Young. Coley reportedly said that he and Young had been friends, but not anymore after Young text messaged him a death threat.

Blankenship reportedly checked Coley's phone, which had no such text message. The messages from Young reportedly did call Coley names and said that Young knew where Coley was located.

Coley then allegedly advised Blankenship that he had grabbed Young's shirt to keep him from running back to the car when the police arrived. After Blankenship inquired about the reported gun, Coley reportedly said there was no gun, but there was a big bottle in the back of the car.

Blankenship then spoke to Coley's girlfriend who reportedly said she had called the police after the white car had pulled up and the passengers started talking about a fight. There was no fight, she said, because the police had arrived so fast, but she had seen a gun the back seat.

The officer then spoke with the car's passengers who said Young had wanted to come to Nixon Circle to look for Coley. A few days before, Young's tires had been slashed and his Pioneer CD player stolen out of his car. Because of text messages, Young reportedly thought that Coley was the person responsible for the damage to his car.

A search of the area revealed a Pioneer CD player in the deck of Coley's girlfriend's car. She reportedly told officers that Coley had recently installed the CD player. The player was removed and taken into evidence.

The search also revealed a loaded handgun inside a zipper case in the back of the white car and .357 Magnum located in the car's map pocket.

Coley and Young were both arrested and taken to the Newton County Detention Center. Both men were charged with disorderly conduct. All parties involved were banned from the housing authority.