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$200 reward offered in school firework incident
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Newton High School officials are reportedly offering a $200 reward for the name of the prankster who set off two packs of firecrackers in a boy's restroom at the school last Wednesday.

According to an incident report filed by Newton County Sheriff's Deputy Anthony Washington, the firecrackers exploded at approximately 8:26 a.m. Wednesday causing hysteria among students and teachers. Several students were injured in the chaos following the small explosion which some mistook as gunfire, the incident report stated.

Parents arrived at the school minutes later to inquire about what had taken place. When Washington questioned the students about the disturbance, many said they had heard gunfire while others believed the noise had come from firecrackers.

Teachers soon located the destroyed firecrackers in the boy's bathroom located off from the mall common area. Several stalls had firecracker confetti on the floor.

Once staff was alerted of the cause of the disturbance and students had returned to their classrooms, Principal Joe Gheesling announced on the PA system that a $200 reward would be given to the person responsible for the incident.

At the time of the incident report, two students had been named as suspects in the case. If caught, the person responsible could face charges of disruption of a public school as well as possession of illegal fireworks.