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Q&A: Chad Estes
Social Circle earns first win in 4 years
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Social Circle defeated Strong Rock Christian 31-23 to earn the team’s first victory since September 23, 2011. Second-year head coach Chad Estes spoke with The Covington News about the win and he future of football in Social Circle in this Q&A.

The Covington News: Obviously its the first victory in almost four years for Social Circle so just talk about what that victory means.

Chad Estes: No. 1 for the players, they had to face so much adversity. They work hard just like any other players on any other team. For whatever reason they just hadn’t been able to have success, but last night it all came together and I am so proud of the players and the coaches, and what a great atmosphere. I’m so happy for the school and the community, it was a great crowd. I can’t think of a better place to be on a Friday night than here at Social Circle watching the Redskins win a football game. What a great event.

CN: What was the atmosphere like last night after the game?

Estes: We had won both of our scrimmages so there was an excitement, there was a buzz and there was that excitement to the starting of the season. I think the community, just like my players, we realized last year I felt like we were knocking on the door. We certainly were improving. for whatever reason we didn’t quite get through the door. We couldn’t take that final step, but they worked hard all summer. They’ve come together as a team and I think we’re just determined to have success and they did.

CN: Last year you guys, like you said, were close. I counted I think at least three times you guys were within seven points…

Estes: We could’ve easily won three games last year.

CN: So what does that experience do for you guys this year?

Estes: Honestly, you gotta do it. We probably made it a little more difficult than it should have been, but part of that was – Strong Rock, their quarterback and running back were just outstanding athletes and they played their hearts out. It was a really good high school football game. Like I said, those two players are special and we had a hard time with them, but ultimately our kids made the plays when they had to.

CN: Coach, moving forward for you guys, what does this mean? Now that you’ve gotten over the hump, how does that help you guys?

Estes: Its a funny game sometimes, but I know one thing, you better have confidence. That’s what we think this is gonna add to it. What our players have to realize is we still have a lot of work to do. There’s a lot of improving that can be done and we’re gonna get back out there to work next week during our off-week. We’re gonna get back to basics, make sure that we do all the little things right. As we begin to prepare for our next game which will be on the road at Temple, which is West Georgia. That’ll be a long road trip for us.

CN: Coach how do you kind of keep your guys grounded? Obviously, like you said, everybody’s excited.

Estes: They know we don’t wanna get too high, we don’t wanna get too low. It’s one game at a time. I know there was a big celebration last night after the game, but the reality of it is we’ll take it one at a time. Once the season is complete that’s when we look back and we celebrate. Right now we gotta stay in the moment, we gotta continue working, we gotta continue to improve.

CN: Is there anything else you’d like to add, coach?

Estes: Like I said, if you weren’t there last night, our next home game’s not until September 25 and it was a special night last night in Social Circle. So for all those who came out I wanna thank you and for all those who weren’t make sure they’re there at the next home game.