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Introducing our summer sports intern Cameron Freeman
Cameron Freeman, a former Woodland High School football player and current Journalism major at Georgia Southern, will join The Covington News as an intern for the next six weeks. - photo by Gabriel Stovall | The Covington News

I’m nowhere near the world’s best sportswriter or sports journalist. But the little that I’ve been blessed to know, I take it as a personal challenge to try and use it to plant as many seeds as I can into the next generation of sports journalists. 

Many of the young, aspiring journalists I come in contact with have some of the same visions of journalism grandeur that I had — working for the CNNs, ESPNs and Sports Illustrateds of the world. But I try to help them understand what I have come to learn in over a decade in the business: It’s not the size of publication that makes our work special. It’s the size of passion that we put into our work. 

When we are passionate about telling the stories of athletes, coaches and even fans, we can find fulfilling work, whether at the large media conglomerate or at the small, community newspaper. 

At The Covington News, we’ve been blessed to pour into quite a few young, journalism-interested students while taking them on as interns. Many of you have enjoyed the work of sports intern Tyler Williams — a recent Alcovy graduate. But now it brings me pleasure to introduce another up-and-comer who will intern with us for the next six weeks. 

Covington/Newton County sports fans, I introduce to you Cameron Freeman. Learn his passion for this craft. 


I’m passionate about journalism because it is a form of expression.  

Although I may be writing about things that don’t necessarily pertain to myself, I still get that avenue to give my own take on the topic of discussion.  I feel like that expression is especially prevalent in sports journalism, music journalism and when writing about social issues. 

 I’m naturally passionate about those three things, so being able to write and express my opinion and tell stories on those topics within those three fields sparks most of my passion for journalism.

I originally developed a true interest in sports journalism during my senior year as a football player at Woodland High School in Henry County after being interviewed by Gabriel Stovall in a story about my return to the field after missing my junior year with a devastating knee injury.  

The interview and the ensuing article about my return led me to dig deeper into the various avenues of journalism as well as the important components of becoming an effective journalist.  Sports have been a large and important part of my life since I was born, from YMCA basketball to Class AAAAA Georgia high school football. And sports are traditionally important within my entire family.  I’ve also enjoyed writing since I was very young as well, so being able to write about sports is truly the best of both worlds.

I am currently entering my junior year at “THEE” Georgia Southern University.  I am a journalism major with a minor in communications.  I plan to pursue a career in broadcast journalism following my graduation.  

Georgia Southern has a strong journalism program, there are so many connections and opportunities that led to my decision to become an Eagle.  Being in college, meeting several people, learning new things and choosing to step outside of my comfort zone have all contributed to my development as a writer, a student and a person.  

I’m grateful for the opportunities that I have been afforded, and I look forward to more opportunities to learn and grow in all aspects of life.

During this six-week internship, I hope to gain valuable skills to propel myself into the world of journalism and broadcasting as a career.  

I plan to learn more about the smaller details when it comes to journalism that contribute to the bigger picture that we see when reading articles, blogs, etc.  I also hope to be in position to effectively write my own columns and blogs.  

I hope to get better familiarized with broadcast journalism at a professional level as well.  I know how important details are to any successful endeavor, and how much of a big difference the little things make.  

I’m excited to be a part of The Covington News and to learn as much as possible in my six weeks so that I can apply these teachings to the rest of my career and life.

You can contact Cameron directly via email at, or on Twitter @_camszn.