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YEAR IN REVIEW: Alcovy Tigers athletics gained competitive edge in 2021-2022
Alcovy Review
For the first time in program history, the Alcovy Tigers football team captured a region championship after going 5-0 in Region 3-AAAAAA. Winning the title was one of many highlight moments for Alcovy athletics during the 2021-22 school year. - photo by Covington News/File Photo

COVINGTON, Ga. — Alcovy athletics’ year was filled with historical moments in 2021-22. From programs’ firsts to resetting the history books for playoff appearances, the Tigers enjoyed a lot of success this past school year. 

Athletic Director Thomas Lowe was pleased with how the year went for the overall Tigers’ program. 

“There are definitely some things we need to improve on,” Lowe said. “But there were definitely some things we made good strides in.” 

The biggest highlight of the year came from the Tigers’ football program.  

They captured the Region 3-AAAAAA championship in 2021 — the program’s first region championship in its history. It also advanced to the second round of the Class 6A playoffs for the first time ever, too. 

Another fall sport wouldn’t be outshined, though. 

Alcovy softball got a spot in the Class 6A playoffs, too, which was the first time in five years that it earned a playoff berth. 

Baseball followed suit in the spring. The Tigers qualified for the state playoffs in 2022 and ended a nine-year drought from postseason action. 

For the girls track team, a member of the team placed eighth in the state for the shot put competition, too. 

Though the Tigers celebrated a lot of historical moments, Lowe highlighted an overall theme he saw that allowed each program to thrive. 

“I think the mindset is changing around here,” Lowe said. “I’ve been told before that Alcovy is just going to show up. I think it’s shifting to we’re not just going to show up, but we’re now going to compete.” 

In the winter season, both basketball programs were one win away from making it to the playoffs and Lowe said it’s just the case of “getting over the hump” for both teams. 

Lowe then labeled the volleyball season as a “developmental year” for the program. 

All in all, though, Lowe said he believes the Tigers are heading in the right direction. Now, the Tigers will look to the 2022-23 year to keep pushing the needle forward in the program’s overall progression. 

And, though there will be some new things about Alcovy athletics next year, Lowe stressed that the goal remains the same. 

“The next thing I want us to do is take it from we’re going to compete to now we’re going to win,” Lowe said. 

“I want it to be where we’re expected to win. Not because we say we’re going to win, but because [the student-athletes] are working towards it. 

“I always say, ‘You don’t win or lose on gameday, you win or lose during the preparation.’ 

So, I think we’ve taken that mindset and we’re developing winners all around.”