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What to do after the waters recede
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Rockdale emergency service authorities released a statement asking residents not to return to their homes until local authorties say it is safe.

"Even after floodwaters reced, roads and bridges may be weakened and could collapse. Buildings may be unstable and drinking water may be contaminated. Use common sense and exercise caution," the statement warned. "Before entering any flooded homes, please contact your utility companies to verify your power/gas has been turned off."

For residents whose home is served by a private well, it is advised not to drink water from that well before having it tested. For assistance with any private well concerns or septic tank issues, contact Rockdale County Environmental Health at 770-278-7340.

Building Inspectors with the Rockdale County Department of General Services and Engineering (GS&E) will be in the affected flooded areas assessing the safety of homes and structures. For questions related to permits required: building, electrical, plumbing, etc., for flood affected properties, call 770-278-7103. For stormwater related questions, call the Stormwater Utility at 770- 278-7120 or 770- 278-7122.

Rockdale County has Damage Assessment Teams throughout the flooded areas and all staff will have proper identification and may be in marked vehicles.

The county has also created a Debris Management Team to advise property owners on proper removal of debris. NOTE: County personnel are not allowed to work on private property. For further information, contact the Rockdale Recycling Center at 770-785-6883 or County Maintenance at 770-278-7200.

Families in need of services may contact Rockdale Emergency Relief at 770-922-0165 or the American Red Cross at 1-866-724-3577.

Additional assistance and information may be obtained through the Georgia Insurance Commissioner's, Commissioner John Oxendine, office at 404-651-7902 or 1-800-656-2298, or visit

For non-emergencies, call the Rockdale Emergency Operations Center at 770-278-8119. For emergencies, call 9-1-1. Also, visit the Rockdale County website at and click on "What's New" for up to date information.