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State Senate 17 - Nicholas Day (D)
Nicholas Day

Retired Covington resident Nicholas Day is running as a Democrat for the District 17 state senate race, because he wants to attract business, address health care concerns and reduce taxes on senior citizens.

He said the current government is too controlled by lobbyists and special interest groups. Day said he wants to be a representative for the public.

"For eight years we have watched our government destroy itself by self-centered Republicans," Day said in a submitted letter. “Let’s create jobs and put people back to work. Let’s look for ways to increase our tax base by adding new manufacturing corps and retail outlets. We need to reduce taxes on our senior citizens. We need health care for all.”

Day said his health care costs increased by 200 percent this year, and as a senior citizen on fixed income, Day knows what a burden those costs place on seniors. He said lost jobs and foreclosures are simply putting further strain on the system.

“These problems along with others need to be solved now, in order for you to live the American Dream,” Day wrote.
Day was born in Atlanta but has lived in Newton County since 1976. He said he was 31 years of business experience, including retail, manufacturing and government work.

He said he worked as information system manager for Pacific Uniform Manufacturing and in a similar capacity with Sears and Roebuck. He also worked as manager of occupational tax and alcohol licenses and taxes for Henry County, and he worked in the tax commissioner’s office for seven years.

Day attended Murphy High School in Atlanta and took various college, management and computer science courses throughout his business career.

Day lives off Highway 212 North and has been married to his wife Melinda for 36 years. For more information, residents can reach Day at his home phone at (770) 787-1532.