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Pride in our pupils
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Dear Editor: The Conyers-Rockdale Chamber of Commerce takes great satisfaction and pride in reading of the superb accomplishments of our school system as is reflected in the fact that five of our schools have earned 2008-2009 SSAS awards from the Governor's Office of Student Achievement. With all three high schools being among only 15 statewide to earn a gold award in the category of highest performance, and one of them (Rockdale High) earning the platinum award, there is just cause for that pride.

We wish it were possible to congratulate and thank each one of the Board Members, Superintendent King, school principals and entire staff, students and parents for giving our community such good news to carry into 2010.

We thank you all for the good work you are doing with our public school system, and extend our best wishes for more of the same for 2010 and beyond,

Fred Boscarino,
GCCE President / CEO and Bill Daniel, Chairman Board of Governors