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Pittman: Are you ready for some football?
OSU Football Artistic 1 by jugeminas

It might still be sizzling in Georgia, but that hint is there, the hint of cooler things to come. And the start of that hint has, for me, always been football.

You can drive past the high schools and see the teams practicing for their first games at the end of the month, college and NFL are starting practice games (so I have been told), and the UGA gear is out in full effect at the Walmart. All signs that fall isn't far behind.

I have fairly fond memories of football in high school. Growing up in Florida I don't remember anyone caring about football. But when we moved here in high school, it was all about the football. I didn't play, of course, but I was a fan of attending the games. My deviant friends and I walked laps around the field as the band and team played around us and the cheerleaders did their leading of cheers thing, smoking cigarettes and trading gossip, wearing red lipstick and team sweatshirts.

I can't tell you how many Georgia Tech and UGA games I've been to, though I was never one of the girls who used football as an excuse to dress up in heels and pearls during tailgating. I preferred flip flops and Chucks during my tailgating - less chance of falling down bleachers. At least for most people.

I've been to only one NFL football game, but it was good fun as well. It's not so much about the game itself as it is about the event. I think that might be the allure for many people - the event. The chance to hang out, yell for your team, eat too much junky food and drink too much cheap beer.

It's only a matter of time before all the cars on the road have those team flags waving out of their windows as they head into Athens or Atlanta for game day, and then that means it's only a matter of time before it's fall and I can enjoy being outside again.

Meanwhile, send me your fun football practice pictures so I can put them online and dream of go-team cheers and chilly nights.