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Officials need coordination
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Dear Editor: I Elected officials of Rockdale County and the city of Conyers have been frequently criticized for lack of effective collective coordination when addressing issues impacting both county and city residents. Both entities have repeatedly claimed that such coordination occurs — events that frequently only represent elected officials attempt to vouch for as fact. It is a repeated claim that when one of the political entities (county/city) sneezes, the other shows signs of the flu.

But on Feb. 26, a well publicized and much need presentation related to the "SPLOST wish list" was shared by key elected officials and staff representatives of both city and county. The list will impact every resident of the county and city. Those in attendance created a ratio of approximately three to one (city/county government elected and staff employees) and the attending group exceeded more than 150. The J.P. Carr Auditorium was at a comfortable compactness and the designed presentation insured opportunity for timely questions from the audience without disruptions.

In essence, a timely presentation, a transparent statement of contributions and an event that can now only be verbally approximated but not duplicated became a missed opportunity to accurately document shared coordination at its best. The opportunity to document the actual participants and those whose actual contributions are in reality absent but their individual presence implied.

Is there an inadvertent abort of voter access to needed community communications; is covert media coverage facilitated in the process? Is there hoarding of available community communication assets or are TV franchise resources maximized?