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Moms of Distinction winner and honorable mention letters
Mom Cheri Powell, submitted by daughter Sara Vega

Many heartfelt words were written about wonderful, beautiful, loving mothers were sent in for the Moms of Distinction contest, sponsored by Conyers Jewelers. The store presented the prize earring and necklace set to the winner - Kathy Martin - on Tuesday. Here is the letter sent in by her daughter, Katherine, and the letters of all the daughters describing their moms.

Mother's Day Contest winner

My mother is my rock she has been through an abusive relationship with my biological father, survived much turmoil in her life and also dealt with the loss of both her parents within 3 years of each other but not once did she stop being mine and my sisters' mom she kept us strong. She has done nothing but sacrifice things so that my sister and I could have things we needed even worked two jobs when I was younger. She will always inspire me to become more and make her proud of the woman I am becoming. My mother has never tried to keep me from being who I am or keep me from experiencing life as should be. She makes me proud to call her my mom and as you can tell I get my good looks from her.
Katherine Rhianna Haynes
Daughter of Kathy Martin

Mother's Day Contest Honorable mentions

This lady is my supporter, best friend but best of all my mom. She deserves nothing but the best. My mom has raised my two sisters and I on her own for the last 15 years. Only God knows the struggles and obstacles she has gone through. No matter what challenges come her way she manages to continue to raise us. There is nothing she wouldn't do for us. And if you ask around in the community (Conyers) every knows she has raised her daughters well.
Lila Fernandez
Daughter of Rosa Fernandez

My mother Frances Easley is the best mother, grandma, Gammy ever! My mother was a stay at home mother until all five of her children started school, after that she worked very hard helping our father, Vernon Easley support our family. She is now happily retired and enjoying a much deserved break. My mother who is very family oriented enjoys spending time with her 5 children (and their spouses], 13 grandchildren, and 7 great- grandchildren. Mrs. Easley is also very active at the Olivia Haydel Senior center here in Rockdale County as well as being very involved at her church, the Bald Rock Baptist Church also located in Rockdale County! My mama will be celebrating her birthday on Friday, May 8th, we are truly BLESSED to be able to celebrate with her!
We truly love our "Mama"!
Cynthia Easley Barnes
Daughter of Frances Easley

I am very blessed that God gave me an awesome Mama. She is the anchor and glue of our family. The true meaning of superwoman. She works full time, took care of her step dad until he passed away, takes care of her Mom who lives with her, is active in her church, very involved in her family's life and that is just the start... God gave me to this woman who will give the shirt off her back. She taught me at a young age about generosity. We would help families in need by getting groceries and seeking them on their porch when they were not home and I was sworn to secrecy that I could never tell. She taught me that family comes first and you have to stand for what you believe. She always still eats last and me and my brother are grown. My mom is my rock, my ultimate best friend and is always there for me. If she knows of anyone in need she is still the first one in line. I couldn't on and on because she really is that great. When I think of my Mom I think of, Godly, consistent, generous, amazing, dependable, hard working, true, loving, wise and a true example of the woman in Proverbs. Not only do I have the best Mama my children have the best Mimi and a great example to follow. We are truly blessed... All who know her call her amazing... I am blessed to call her mine... She truly puts herself last.
Juanita Henderson Tamasi
Daughter of Linda Henderson

Where do I begin? My mom is the sweetest, hardest working person I know. She puts everyone else's needs before her own. She would go without to do for others. My mom loves unconditionally. Through all of life's ups and downs she has always been my biggest supporter. She's always pushed me to be the best possible person I can be. I couldn't have asked for a better role model. I now have two kids of my own and can only hope I'm half the mom she's been to me. I'm the luckiest girl in the world to be able to call her my mom.
Tiffany Tabler
Daughter of Jane Kinnett

I would like to nominate my mother, Norah Stolarski. As mother and daughter we have had our share of ups and downs but she has been there for me through it all. I am an only child and on March, 13th 2013 I found my unborn son had passed at 24 weeks. My mother lost her grandchild. She has been the best support and stood by my side through the worst time of my life. My mother is an amazing woman and always puts everyone else before her self. The enclosed picture I attached is my mother with my now 13 month old daughter Aeryn on her 1st birthday. She is an amazing mother and grandmother and I don't know what I would do without her.
Thank you,
Shannon Stolarski
Daughter of Norah Stolarski

I love my mom. She is celebrating her birthday today. I wasn't able to go see her in Brooklyn but I made sure I sent her love through the mail. As I grew into the woman I am today, I have to say my mom did an awesome job. She taught me so much and loved me so much even though I had my days as a teen not wanting to be bothered. She has sacrificed so much for my siblings and I, and we will be forever grateful for her. I hope she has an awesome Mother's Day!
Sara Vega
Daughter of Cheri Powell

I loved my Mom. After 3 years with Dementia, she passed away 3 weeks ago on April 9th. After my dad and sis passed away, she and I used to go every Friday to Conyers Jewelers and buy a charm or bead for our Pandora bracelets. It took us 2 years to fill them. She loved talking to the ladies there. She sold Mary Kay Cosmetics for 45 years. My mom to me, was the best I could ever ask for, and she became my baby at the end of her journey. My sister has her mom back for Mother's Day in Heaven. It will be happy day for them.
Peggy Prather
Daughter of Christine Prather